WA-WM Chamber of Commerce Closed

Announcement: West Allis & West Milwaukee Chamber of Commerce

January 31, 2018

Dear Members, Business Owners, Community Leaders and Supporters:

It is with great sadness that we have to announce that the West Allis West Milwaukee Chamber of Commerce has
ceased operations. This is a day that we desperately wanted to avoid. However, the Chamber does not have the
ability to support the growth and success of local businesses and individuals.

To our Members & Business Owners: You gave the Chamber 60 years of your support, ideas and time. The
relationships that the Chamber has fostered over the years will be missed. The effort that you gave the Chamber for
events like Forks and Corks, the Annual Golf Outing, and the Annual Meeting was reflected in attendance and
community participation. Not only did you support these events with your time and energy, many of you gave us
sponsorships, products and services that were critical to making these events successful. We hope that you found
the value in participating in these events and we hope that you were able to make connections, relationships and

To the Community Leaders: From participation on our boards, to bringing great ideas to our committees and
organizations, and supporting our signature events, we say “Thank You!” The influence that you have given the
Chamber over the years drove others to give us a chance. You allowed the Chamber to make connections and open
doors that may not otherwise been available!

To our Supporters: You gave us your time, influence and energy to assist in bringing value to the Chamber and
our respective communities. Not an event or meeting went by where we did not see a room full of individuals
connecting, making conversation and developing relationships!

In closing, we would be remiss if we did not include all of the board members over the years who also gave their
time, energy and ideas. We are all volunteers and it takes a group of individuals who are committed to driving
growth within our communities. “Thank you” to everyone that has participated on a board or a committee that
allowed to the Chamber to have a solid foundation over 60 years!

Finally, we encourage the business communities of West Allis and West Milwaukee to work together with
community leaders to consider creating a new Business Alliance that brings new ideas and a fresh perspective.
Please contact the leaders below so they can gauge interest and support the cause.

West Allis Mayor:
Dan Devine 414-302-8290

West Milwaukee Village President:
John Stalewski414-902-1226

WA WM Chamber Announcement

WA-WM Chamber of Commerce Closed