Village Parking Restrictions Updated

Please check back daily for up to date Parking Restrictions:

Update Tuesday, March 24th…

As of Tuesday, March 24th, vehicles are not required to have night parking permits for April. The police department will continue to respond to complaints for violations of things such as obstructed traffic, loading zones, and handicapped parking.


Starting Friday, March 20th until further notice…

The Village of West Milwaukee has suspended all timed parking restrictions to accommodate residents who are home due to COVID-19. Vehicles parking overnight will not be required to alternate side park,  but must have valid night parking permits.

Vehicles must abide by all other parking regulations, including posted “NO PARKING” signs. Parking Enforcement will focus on safety-related violations including unauthorized parking in a handicapped space, obstructing traffic, and parking too close to an alley/driveway/fire hydrant/crosswalk.

Additionally, No Parking in a Loading Zone will be actively enforced. Per Wisconsin statute, a vehicle must be attended while actively loading/unloading so that it may promptly be moved in case of an emergency or to avoid obstruction of traffic.

Village Parking Restrictions Updated