West Milwaukee Commission Vacancies

The Village of West Milwaukee has open Commissioner seats on the West Milwaukee Community Development Authority (WMCDA) and Plan Commission. These Commissions meet once a month, subject to active items to review. If you live in West Milwaukee and are interested, please fill out a Commission Committee Application and submit it to the Clerk’s Office at 4755 W. Beloit Rd. 2nd Floor West Milwaukee, WI 53214.  Please see more information regarding the commissions below or at https://www.westmilwaukee.org/gov/committees/ and contact the Clerk’s office at 414-645-1530 ext. 0 with any questions.

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The WMCDA has the power to issue revenue bonds to provide financing for qualified redevelopment projects to be constructed by private developers, including elimination or prevention of substandard, deteriorated, unsanitary and blighted areas; the provision and retention of gainful employment opportunities for the citizens of the Village; an increase in the tax base; and the stimulation of the flow of investment capital to the Village which results in beneficial effects upon the economy in the Village. The CDA’s primary role has been to facilitate borrowing for infrastructure and acquisition costs related to redevelopment projects in the Tax Increment Finance Districts and Environmental Remediation District and review and provide direction on specific redevelopment proposals in these areas.

The Community Development Authority consists of seven (7) members, including a Chairperson, two (2) appointed members of the Village Board, and five (5) citizen appointees with background and experience with the financing of projects.

The WMCDA meets on the fourth Monday of the month at 6:00 p.m. in the West Milwaukee Community Centre’ located at 1345 S. 47th St.

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Plan Commission members need to be prepared for the business to be discussed at the meetings by reviewing each proposal in light of the comprehensive plan and applicable land use. If a major development is involved, they can talk to the engineer or to others to review information. They review planning documents, zoning, conditional use requests, and signage.

The Plan Commission consists of seven (7) members, including the Village President who serves as Chairperson, one (1) appointed member of the Village Board, and five (5) citizen appointees with an interest or understanding of projects from a zoning or aesthetics perspective and what may be a good fit considering the community master plan.

The Plan Commission meets on the second Tuesday of the month at 6:00 p.m. in the West Milwaukee Community Centre’ located at 1345 S. 47th St.

West Milwaukee Commission Vacancies