Village Statistics

Village Street Map

Estimated Population: 4,206

Median Age: 36

Median Income: $38,829

Elevation: 660 ft. above Sea Level

Area: 1.13 Square Miles

Miles of Street:  13.79

Miles of Sidewalks:  20.79

Acres:  717.01


Zip CodesUSA map and flag


38th Street – 40th Street                                                                      53215

Miller Park Way 43rd Street West                                                         53219

Miller Park Way 43rd Street East                                                          53215

Electric Avenue                                                                                   53219

Lincoln Avenue 38th Street-40th Street                                                53215

East of Miller Park Way                                                                        53215

West of Miller Park Way between Lincoln and Burnham St                    53219

All Others                                                                                           53214

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