Taxes and 2015 re-val

Tax 1


The tax rate decreased from $32.14 per thousand to $31.65 so you will see a decrease in your tax bill.


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Office Hours: Monday – Friday from 8:00 am – 4:30 pm

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REAL ESTATE TAX PAYMENTS: Each year the tax bills are mailed out in December to the property owner on record at the time of processing. Please return the statement to the Village Clerk’s Office, if you are not the owner of the property described on the statement. To have your taxes marked paid before the end of the year, they must be received in our office on or before the last day the Clerk’s office is open in December. Our office is closed for the holiday, so please check the dates ahead of time.  Since December 31 is not an actual payment due date, postmarks will not be used. Make sure you are aware of the holidays that we are closed for business, so as to alleviate any problems when paying your taxes.

Please write your parcel number on the memo part of your check stub. Make sure your check is made out to the Village of West Milwaukee. If it is made out to another municipality, you will have to return it and have a new check made out to replace it. Also, if the check is made out to you the homeowner and the Village, you must sign the back of the check.


TAX REFUNDS:  The Village will not issue immediate refunds for overpayments of tax bills in excess of $100.00. Refund checks will be issued with the next accounts payable run. There is a minimum fifteen (15) day waiting period for a refund check over $100.00, to make sure your escrow check clears the bank. Should you wish to have a refund in a more expedient manner, you may request that your financial institute issue one check for the actual amount due for taxes and another check to you for the remaining balance. Immediate refunds of amounts less than $100.00 will only be given if the funds are available. Any refunds under $10.00 will have to be picked up in person.


TAX PAYMENT INSTALLMENT PLAN:  Real Estate Tax Statements may be paid in full on or before January 31, or may be paid using the interest free installment plan. The minimum amount of each installment due is shown on your tax statement. You must pay at least the minimum installment amount on or before the due date, or you are no longer eligible to use the interest free installment plan. Wisconsin State Statutes require that the interest and penalties must be collected on amounts not paid on time and on any remaining balances at a rate of 1 ½ % per month from February 1. Amounts paid after July 31 are payable to the Milwaukee County Treasurer – (414) 278-4033.



Mail payments to: Village of West Milwaukee–4755 W Beloit Rd–West Milwaukee, WI 53214 Attn: Tax Payment

Credit and Debit payments:  Payments are accepted in our office or online at

Tax Payments PLC #8020           Other misc. payments PLC #7894

To use this Web Portal, enter complete Owner, Address or Parcel ID information and click “Search for Parcel” or hit “Enter” and you will be directed to that property tax record containing general parcel information. If only partial Name or Address is known, enter the partial information and click “Search for Parcels” or hit “Enter” and all parcels containing that information will be displayed. Click on the relevant parcel to display further information.

To get tax payment information, click on the “Taxes” tab in the left-hand column. To get assessment information, click on the “Assessments” tab in the left-hand column. To print a copy of the Property Tax Bill or to see the breakdown of gross taxes, click on the “Taxes” tab and “Print Tax Detail” or “Print Tax Bill” at the bottom left-hand side of the page.


Payment due dates: Payments made by mail must be postmarked by the post office on or before the payment due date to be considered paid on time, without being charged interest and penalty.

All other payments: All mail is receipted the date it is received. Meter marks are not postmarks. Any interest and penalty incurred on delinquent amounts are calculated based on the date received, not the postmarked date. The payment must be received on or before the due date.

Village Hall Depository: The depository is located between the set of doors as you walk in the building, across from the police dispatch window. Deposited items are removed at 8:00 a.m. each business day and also at 4:30 p.m. on payment due dates. Items deposited after these times will be considered paid on the following day.

 MORTGAGE COMPANY INFORMATION: Please make sure you keep in contact with your mortgage company to see when they will make your payment. Find out if the check will be sent directly to the Village on your behalf, or if the check will come to you, the homeowner. We have had problems in the past with the mortgage companies not paying in a timely manner or saying it was paid, when in fact the check was never sent out. Please check this out ahead of time.

LOTTERY CREDIT: To qualify for the lottery credit, you must own the home described on the tax bill as of January 1, 2014, and use it as your primary residence. Do not claim the lottery credit if the property is not your primary residence (you can only have one primary residence). For homeowners who previously qualified, your real estate property tax bill was prepared incorporating the lottery credit. The total amount due on the real estate property tax bill will already have been reduced by the lottery amount. The interest free installment payment plan amounts will reflect the lottery credit reduction. If the lottery credit is not shown but you qualify, you must file a new form in the Clerk/Treasurer’s office. The claim form will be available for pickup at the Village of West Milwaukee Clerk/Treasurer’s office. We request that you file the completed claim form with your payment for the most efficient processing of your payment. The claim forms must be filed on or before January 31, 2015.

FIRST DOLLAR CREDIT: To qualify for the First Dollar Credit; the parcel must be a taxable parcel and contain a real property improvement value. This includes business, commercial and private property.   Unlike the Lottery and Gaming Credit, the property does not have to be the primary residence of the owner.  Properties containing only personal property improvements (no real property improvement) will not qualify for this credit.   This is applied (divided) equally over each installment.  It will automatically be applied to qualifying parcels.

PERSONAL PROPERTY TAXES: The Village must be notified if a business moves out or ownership changes so that the correct name and address of the property receives the Personal Property bills and the statement of personal property form. In January the Assessor will send out the statement of personal property form for each business to report their amount of Personal Property. This must be completed and returned to the Assessor’s Office by March 1st of each year. If this is not reported and we are not notified of any changes, the Assessor will figure the taxes accordingly based on the prior year’s taxes and you will continue to receive Personal Property tax bills. If you did not notify the assessor that you have moved or are out of business, you will still be responsible for the bill.


Real Estate Tax Payments

Your final tax payment installment is due on July 31 each year. Please make sure that your tax payment is either in our office by this date, or postmarked by the post office by this date.  Please write your parcel/key number in the memo section on your check. If you would like a receipt mailed to you, you must send the original or a copy of your bill and we will mark the payment and return your bill to you.

 Please make checks payable to: Village of West Milwaukee

 Personal Property Tax Payments

Your personal property taxes are always due by January 31, if they were not paid in full, there is a 1.5% penalty and interest that accumulates per month, until paid in full.

 Please write your parcel/key number in the memo section on your check. If you would like a receipt mailed to you, you must send the original or a copy of your bill and we will mark the payment and return your bill to you.


 After the July 31 due date, the tax bills will be turned over to Milwaukee County and you will have to make payments to The Milwaukee County Treasurer’s Office.

Office Telephone: 414-278-4033         Office Fax: 414-223-1383


 Property Information:

(You can access Real Estate property information, current owner and addresses. For residential parcels more detailed information is available – Style, stories, year built, assessments, legal descriptions and more.) 

Village Assessor – Associated Appraisal Consultants, Inc.

Assessment Questions 1-800-721-4157

Fax (920) 731-4158                       E-mail:

Associated Appraisal Consultants, Inc.

1314 W. College Ave.   P.O. Box 2111   Appleton, WI 54912-2111

Taxes, assessment and owner information is available online.

Please use the link on the Village website


Property tax payments are available in December and until July 31.  Tax bill payments are due either in full by January 31st or in three installments:  50% due January 31st, 25% due April 30th and 25% due on July 31st.


Delinquent Prior Year Taxes:  IMPORTANT NOTICE:  Please be advised that the Village of West Milwaukee Web Portal displays delinquent prior year taxes.  That display is correct until July 31st of the year following billing.  The Village’s system is not able to reflect payments made subsequent to July 31st; those payments are collected by Milwaukee County and you will have to check their website for updated status of delinquent taxes.

Milwaukee County Treasurer’s Office