The Village of West Milwaukee is part of the West Allis /West Milwaukee School District.  It is home to Notre Dame School of Milwaukee-Boys Middle School, Pershing Elementary School, and West Milwaukee Intermediate School.

Pershing Elementary School

1330 S. 47th St.
Office: (414) 604-4600 • Fax: (414) 649-4981

Pershing Elementary School, located in the Village of West Milwaukee, is the most eastern elementary school in the West Allis-West Milwaukee School District. Proud of a culturally rich and diverse population, Pershing promotes a strong Pershing Family community, where respect for all permeates every aspect of our school. They are a hub school for children with English as their second language. The faculty and staff are committed to success for all students from four-year-old kindergarten through fifth grade. Daily, after the Pledge of Allegiance, students say the Pershing Promise which states the beliefs regarding their goals, behaviors, and ability to make good choices.

Pershing School is proud of the many varied opportunities its students are afforded. They have a strong liberal arts experience, in addition to the core content areas, the students participate in music, art, physical education, and library/technology classes. They are very proud of their Pershing Choir, Band, and String program. Students also have the opportunity to be a Peer Mediator (PALS), a peer tutor, a video club member, work on the school newspaper, the Pershing Eagle, or be a kindergarten helper. In order to promote a positive work ethic, they also have a student job board where teachers can post a “job” and students fill out applications, interview, train and be evaluated on their performance.

Please call if you would be interested in additional information; we are very proud of Pershing School!


West Milwaukee Intermediate School

5104 W. Greenfield Ave.West Milwaukee Intermediate
Office: (414) 604-3300

Be ready, respectful, responsible.

The West Allis-West Milwaukee School District is a 4K-12th grade public school district. We are the second-largest school district in Milwaukee County and the eleventh largest in the state of Wisconsin. WAWM Schools serve over 9,800 students in three High Schools, four Intermediate Schools, eleven Elementary Schools, and one Charter School. Our schools provide engaging learning experiences in classrooms where students are welcome, challenged, and supported. We develop school cultures where students, teachers, and families form strong relationships to support learning.

Liberace Auditorium

Who is Liberace?

Dedication of the West Milwaukee Intermediate School auditorium – Liberace Auditorium.


Notre Dame School of Milwaukee – Boys Middle School 

1215 S. 45th St. 
(414) 200-9881

Notre Dame School of Milwaukee, a Catholic school sponsored by the School Sisters of Notre Dame, challenges our students to reach their full potential as individuals, empowering them to direct their God-given gifts toward transforming their community. With deep faith and courage, Notre Dame School of Milwaukee boldly addresses the urgent, critical needs of the community by providing an education focused on student and school growth through quality and innovation.