Board of Review

Each municipality in Wisconsin must hold an Open Book and Board of Review (BOR) session.

Open Book and Board of Review sessions generally take place late May to mid-June; however, some may occur later.


The 2021 Board of review has not yet been scheduled.  





2020 Board of Review meeting notice 

COVID-19 Alert – Safer at Home – 2020

Open Book Posting 2020 – Safer at home




Wisconsin Department of Revenue Board of Review

Property Assessment Appeal Guide for WI Real Estate Property Owners

Guide for Property Owners

Objection Form for Real Property Assessment (pa-115a)

Objection Form for Personal Property Assessment (pa-115b)



In 2015 a full walk through revaluation was completed. 



When does the BOR meet?

The first meeting of the Board of Review now must occur at any time during the 45-day period beginning on the 4th Monday of April. If the assessment roll is not completed, the BOR will adjourn to some future date. 

If you received a Notice of Changed Assessment, the time, date and place of the BOR meeting will be printed on it. However, to be certain, contact your municipal clerk to find out when the BOR will be held or the date to which it is adjourned.

To contact the Village Assessor, please call (800) 721-4157. 

 It is strongly recommended that residents wishing to appear before the Board speak with the Assessor or his representative before filling out an Objection Form.