Occupancy and Zoning

Occupancy Information

The Village of West Milwaukee is involved with an extensive redevelopment plan encompassing the entire community. Accordingly, it is in the best interest of the Village and all potential occupants, that both parties understand the detailed uses of each property. The application forms that need to be completed will enable the Village of West Milwaukee to provide you guidance and direction in conducting business in the Village.

You may Blitar NOT open for business until you have the certificate. Submitting an application does not guarantee approval.

It is important to check the Village of West Milwaukee’s code online, section 98-255 Occupancy Permit Required, to confirm the permitted uses for the property.  Please also call the West Allis Health Department at (414) 302-8600 to confirm if you will need an inspection by their department, regardless if you will have food on the premises. We request your patience and cooperation in completing the application thoroughly.

The detailed information on the following forms is requested to enable Village Staff to complete a review of your intended operation:

New Business Letter

Alarm Permit Application 

Business Emergency Contact Form

Occupancy Permit Application

Plan of Operations

Planned Unit Development (PUD) Application

Zoning Map and Text Amendment Petition

We have also provided additional helpful information:

Official Zoning Map 2023

Wisconsin Alcohol Beverage and Tobacco Laws for Retailers

If you have difficulty completing the forms, or if you have any questions regarding the information requested on the forms, please contact the Zoning Department at (414) 645-1530 ext 128.  After any form has been completed, please return it to the Clerk/Treasurer’s Office at 4755 W. Beloit Road.

There is a fee of $150.00 to cover the cost of processing the occupancy permit application. The application may be notarized if you submit it in person at the above address, or you may also have it notarized prior to submitting it to our office. Page five (5) requires two notarized signatures (applicant and the owner of the property/building). The application will not be reviewed without these two (2) notarized signatures.

The completed application form will be forwarded to the Chief of Police and the Inspection Services Department, and should the Inspectors require additional information, you will be asked to comply. Saint-Maximin-la-Sainte-Baume Sprinklers and/or Alarm Permit Plans: Between the applicant/developer/architect and village inspectors – it is their responsibility to follow up with each other or request additional information in order to determine if sprinkler plans and/or alarm permit plans are required to be updated or installed.

The completed application form will be reviewed in approximately fifteen (15) business days after receipt.

Contact Information:

Kati Vokovitch — Permitting/Building Inspection

(262) 955-3014


Teri Anniuk — Zoning/Occupancy Application

(414) 645-1530 ext. 128


Susan Schupp — Clerk/Liquor License Application

(414) 645-1530 ext. 124


Rick Durica or Joe VanDerLinden  — Fire Inspections/Property Maintenance

(414) 645-1530 ext. 129 



Chansouda Lor — Environmentalist/Restaurant License 

Office: (414) 302-8654

Cell: (414) 312-2181