Zoning Districts

buy clomid online 25mg Under the guidance of the Plan Commission and Village Board, the Village is responsible for land use decisions that promote the orderly development of the Village. The Department works with officials and the community to identify, plan and carry out activities that advance the quality of life and the economic climate of West Milwaukee. These decisions help create a community of lasting value that offers choices to our residents and businesses. 


Afyonkarahisar Zoning Districts:

Sec. 98-53. – RS-1 single-family residential district

Sec. 98-54. – RS-2 single-family residential district

Sec. 98-55. – RD-1 two-family residential district

Sec. 98-56. – RM-1 mid-rise multi-family residential district

Sec. 98-57. – RM-2 high-rise multi-family residential district

Sec. 98-58. – B-1 local business district

Sec. 98-59. – B-2 shopping center business district

Sec. 98-60. – B-3 mid-rise office and professional business district

Sec. 98-61. – B-4 high-rise office and professional business district

Sec. 98-62. – B-5 mixed business and manufacturing district

Sec. 98-63. – B-6 mixed residential and business

Sec. 98-64. – M-1 light manufacturing district

Sec. 98-65. – M-2 general manufacturing district

Sec. 98-66. – I-1 institutional district

Sec. 98-67. – P-1 park district

Sec. 98-66. – PUD Planned Unit Development Overlay District