Village Administrator – Kim Egan

The Village Administrator of West Milwaukee is Kim Egan, appointed by the Village Board of Trustees. She supports the Village Board priorities of Economic Development and Civic Engagement. The primary duty of the Village Administrator is to assure that Village services are performed in accordance with Board of Trustee policies and within the capability of the Village’s resources. The Village Administrator also keeps the Board informed about the financial condition and future development prospects of the Village.

She serves the Village as its chief administrative and budgetary officer. Some of the duties of the Administrator include, but are not limited to: attending all meetings of the Board of Trustees, the West Milwaukee Community Development Authority and Plan Commission; reviewing Board meeting agendas and items for the President and Trustees; making recommendations to the President and Board trustees regarding all issues affecting the Village and its residents; serving as liaison between other municipalities and government agencies; representing the Village on personnel matters, including collective bargaining agreements for Village employees; adopting policy set forth by the Village Board; overseeing Village projects and improvements, such as infrastructure and development; assessing the adequacy of Village operations to ensure efficiency and efficacy. The Village Administrator also researches and responds to inquiries by Village residents and other parties concerning Village operations and services. The Village Administrator carries out any and all duties and responsibilities as delegated by the President and Board of Trustees.

Message from the Village Administrator

It is my pleasure to serve as the appointed Administrator for the Village of West Milwaukee. I was born and raised in the Village and attended West Milwaukee High School (now West Milwaukee Intermediate School). I graduated from Central Texas College with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and then received my Master of Public Administration from Marist College. I started my career with West Milwaukee in 2001 in the Police dispatch center and eventually was appointed to my current position. The Village has a very dedicated team that consists of the Board, Village Staff, contract professionals and community leaders that guide the Village in a positive direction. It is a privilege to be part of this team and community.

— Kim Egan
Village Administrator