The Village of West Milwaukee updated their Comprehensive Plan in 2019. The Comprehensive Plan is West Milwaukee’s guide to the community’s physical, social and economic development, and it will provide the Village a rational basis for local land-use decisions. 

This Plan is the Village’s long-range guide for sustainable future community growth, development, redevelopment, and preservation. Given the magnitude of this task, the Village has made every effort to create an implementation-based and user-friendly document.  Village officials and staff will use this Comprehensive Plan as a blueprint for coordinated decision making on planning, zoning, platting, development, infrastructure, and budgeting issues.

Others who may find this Comprehensive Plan useful include residents, property owners, business owners, community groups, and other units of government, such as Milwaukee County and the West Allis-West Milwaukee School District. Each of these individuals and groups may have different interests in the Plan—few will choose to read it from cover-to-cover.

For a broad overview of the Village’s desired direction over the next couple of decades, Chapter One: Issues and Opportunities is a good place to start. For an understanding of how the Village intends to interact with neighboring and overlapping jurisdictions, start with Chapter Eight: Intergovernmental Cooperation. For an understanding of where the Village intends to focus its efforts first, Chapter Nine: Implementation is the place to focus. Otherwise, each of the other chapters provides Village policies and directions within different functional areas, like neighborhoods, transportation, or land use.

West Milwaukee Comprehensive Plan