The Village of West Milwaukee is currently in the process of a Comprehensive Plan Update with Vandewalle & Associates and amending the boundaries of their tax increment district (TID) 2. The Comprehensive Plan will be West Milwaukee’s guide to the community’s physical, social and economic development, and it will provide the Village a rational basis for local land-use decisions. 

The Village is considering removing approximately $60 million in territory from TID 2, resulting in an addition to the tax base of the Village and all overlapping taxing jurisdictions. This will enable the Village and other overlying taxing jurisdictions to benefit from the release of the associated incremental value into the general tax base beginning in 2020.

The subtraction will also bring the Village under the 12% Equalized Value Test which will enable them to create new districts or add areas to the boundaries of existing ones. A map, located in Section 3 of the Ehler’s Project Plan (below) identifies the Territory to be removed and its geographic relationship to the existing District’s boundaries. 

TID Exhibit Post Amendment

This amendment will allow for the District to incur potential project costs outside of, but within 1/2 mile of, the boundaries of the District as permitted under Wisconsin Statutes Section 66.1105(2)(f)1.n.

To keep members of the Village updated, we have a series of helpful guides available to view:

West Milwaukee Comprehensive Plan

Data Inventory Report

Work Session Summary

Ehlers Project Plan