Citizen Boards & Commissions

Various citizen boards and commissions help make the Village of West Milwaukee a more efficient and better place to live. The Village President makes appointments, subject to confirmation by the Village Board. 

Your Involvement

You should become involved by being a member of a village board or commission! If you live in West Milwaukee and are interested, please contact the Clerk’s Department for more information and/or an application. The application is also available to fill out online and send in (Commission Committee Application).

West Milwaukee Community Development Authority (WMCDA):

The WMCDA has the power to issue revenue bonds to provide financing for qualified redevelopment projects to be constructed by private developers, including elimination or prevention of substandard, deteriorated, unsanitary and blighted areas; the provision and retention of gainful employment opportunities for the citizens of the Village; an increase in the tax base; and the stimulation of the flow of investment capital to the Village which results in beneficial effects upon the economy in the Village. The CDA’s primary role has been to facilitate borrowing for infrastructure and acquisition costs related to redevelopment projects in the Tax Increment Finance Districts and Environmental Remediation District and review and provide direction on specific redevelopment proposals in these areas. 

The Community Development Authority consists of seven (7) members, including a Chairperson, two (2) appointed members of the Village Board and five (5) citizen appointees with background and experience with the financing of projects.

The WMCDA meets on the fourth Monday of the month at 6:00 p.m. in the West Milwaukee Community Centre’ located at 1345 S. 47th St.

  • Chairperson Craig Schaefer 
  • Commissioner Steve Schuettke
  • Commissioner Jake Schultz
  • Commissioner Michael Gill
  • Open Position
  • Open Position
  • Open Position

West Milwaukee Plan Commission:

Plan Commission members need to be prepared for the business to be discussed at the meetings by reviewing each proposal in light of the comprehensive plan and applicable land use. If a major development is involved, they can talk to the engineer or to others to review information. They review planning documents, zoning, conditional use requests, and signage.

The Plan Commission consists of seven (7) members, including the Village President who serves as Chairperson, one (1) appointed member of the Village Board, and five (5) citizen appointees with an interest or understanding of projects from a zoning or aesthetics perspective and what may be a good fit for the community master plan.

The Plan Commission meets on the second Tuesday of the month at 6:00 p.m. in the West Milwaukee Community Centre’ located at 1345 S. 47th St.

  • Chairperson John Stalewski
  • Commissioner Carl Knapp
  • Commissioner Richard Lewein
  • Commissioner Susan Stalewski
  • Commissioner Todd Hill
  • Commissioner Craig Omick
  • Commissioner Nicole Couture

West Milwaukee Tourism Commission

The Tourism Commission oversees the collection and expenditure of room tax revenues and makes allowable expenditures for tourism promotion and tourism development. In addition, the Commission shall monitor the collection and expenditure of the room tax.

The Tourism Commission consists of five (5) members, one (1) of which is a representative of the Wisconsin hotel and motel industry. Members are appointed by the Village President and confirmed by the Village Board (Ord. 01-O-2017, adopted February 20, 2017).

The Tourism Commission meets as needed, determined by the Commission Chairperson.

  • Village President John Stalewski
  • Trustee John Ragonese (Chairperson)
  • Trustee Craig Schaefer (Secretary)
  • Trustee Jane Edgar
  • Hotel/Motel Representative Lance Johnson

West Milwaukee Police Commission

The Police Commission is responsible for preparing eligibility lists of job applicants for police positions following a prescribed examination and selection procedure. The commission also reviews certain disciplinary actions by the Police Chief. The Police Commission consists of five (5) citizen members. Members are appointed by the Village President and confirmed by the Village Board. The commission meets as necessary. 

  • Gary Schultz (Chairperson)
  • Alice Zyniecki (Secretary)
  • Keith Maren
  • Carl Knapp
  • Julia Reyes

West Milwaukee Board of Review

The Board of Review carries out responsibilities related to the assessment of real property as provided for in 70.46 through 70.503 Wis. Stats., or successor statute. The Board hears objections from the property owners regarding the assessed value of property they own, as determined by the village assessor. For voting members, the term of office is five (5) years.

  • John Stalewski (Chairperson)
  • Gerald Lemmermann
  • Sarah Bach
  • Open Position
  • Open Position

West Milwaukee Board of Appeals

The Board of Appeals reviews and decides on cases where there is an alleged administrative zoning error or where a variance is being sought. The term of office is three (3) years. The Board of Appeals does not have regularly scheduled meetings.

  • John Ragonese (Chairperson)
  • Gerald Lemmermann
  • Rose Giesfeldt
  • Open Position