Taxes and Assessments

West Milwaukee to update assessment values for 2024.

The Village’s statutory Assessor, Associated Appraisal Consultants, will be conducting a revaluation of all properties in 2024 for the purpose of updating all assessed values to reflect current market conditions.

Wisconsin laws require periodic revaluations to keep assessment levels at or very near actual market values. The basic objective of a revaluation is to achieve equity and uniformity in the assessments, so each property bears only its fair share of the property tax burden based on its market value. The last time the Village’s assessments were updated to market value was in 2015. Since the last revaluation, the level and uniformity of assessments have gradually eroded, and a revaluation is required to remain in compliance with the law’s requirements. Based on the assessor’s latest estimates, the Village’s assessment values are averaging approximately 30% below recent sale prices.

It is important to understand that no additional tax revenue will be generated or collected because of the revaluation. Following a revaluation, the property tax burden is redistributed based on all properties being assessed at current market values. This means you will not automatically pay more in property taxes purely due to a higher assessment. The differences in taxes paid by property owners are the result of assessments that changed more or less than the average increase Village-wide.

The assessed values of all taxable properties in the village will be updated to reflect current market conditions at 100% market value. Notices of changed assessment will be distributed when the property reviews are complete and new assessed values are determined for each property. Property owners will have an opportunity to discuss the assessed values with an Associated Appraisal representative during the Open Book process. After the Open Book process, any property owner who still disagrees with their new assessment value after speaking with an assessor will have the opportunity to appeal an assessment to the Board of Review. The notice of assessment will contain the dates and times of the Open Book and Board of Review meetings along with an insert containing helpful information about the revaluation.

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Real Estate and Personal Property Taxes

Public Portal – How to Make a Tax Payment v.1.1

Public Portal – How to Print a Tax Year Report – v1.1

Tax and Assessment information is available online at the Village of West Milwaukee Tax Portal.

You can access property information through the assessor’s Property Tax Web Portal.

Clerk/Treasurer’s Department Hours and Tax Information

4755 West Beloit Road, West Milwaukee, WI 53214

Office Hours: Monday – Friday from 8:00 am – 4:30 pm

(414) 645-1530 ext. 0                 (414) 671-8089 (FAX)

Receiving a Tax Statement

Property tax statements are typically mailed by the second full week in December. The bills are mailed to the owner of record per the Milwaukee County Registrar of Deeds unless an official mailing address change has been made at the Village Clerk’s office or Assessor’s office prior to November 15.  If you do not receive a tax bill by December 15, the tax bill can be obtained online.

To have your 2023 taxes marked paid in 2023, payments must be received in our office on or before December 28, 2023 by 4:30pm. Since this is not an actual payment due date, postmarks will not be used. Make sure you are aware of the holidays that we are closed for business, so as to alleviate any problems when paying your taxes.

 You can use the property tax portal to:

  • Access your tax bill or balance
  • Make a tax payment, includes user fees
  • Obtain and print your tax bill
  • Obtain and print your tax summary, which shows balance due and payments made
  • See the receipt for your property tax payment

Due Dates

  • Pay in full by January 31.  (Real Estate and Personal Property Bills).
  • Pay in three interest-free installments for Real Estate Bills by January 31, April 30, and July 31.

Preparing the Payment

  • Include your tax bill.
  • Make checks payable to the Village of West Milwaukee and write your tax parcel number in the memo area of your check.
  • If you pay with an escrow check from your mortgage company, you need to endorse the check.  If it is made out to another municipality, you will have to return it and have a new check made out to replace it.

How to Pay

Pay by Mail

  • Pay by mail using the return envelope that came in your tax bill.
  • Address your envelope to Village of West Milwaukee, 4755 West Beloit Road, West Milwaukee, WI 53214.
  • For payment due dates, the receipt date for timely mailed payments will be the date on the U.S. Postal Service postmark.

Pay Online

Pay online at the Village website at, through the tax portal for an additional fee.

Village Hall Depository: (not available during elections)  The depository is located between the set of doors as you walk in the building, across from the police dispatch window. Deposited items are removed at 8:00 a.m. each business day and also at 4:30 p.m. on payment due dates. Items deposited after these times will be considered paid on the following day.


You can get a receipt:

  • Online from the property tax portal
  • Contacting our office at (414) 645-1530 ext. 0
  • Immediately if you pay in person


There is a minimum fifteen (15) day waiting period for a refund check.  Should you wish to have a refund in a more expedient manner, you may request that your financial institute issue one check for the actual amount due for taxes and another check to you for the remaining balance.  Any refunds under $5.00 will have to be picked up in person. 

Personal Property Taxes

The Village must be notified of any and all changes to businesses.  We must be notified if a business moves out so we can change the name and address of the property that needs to receive the PP bills and the statement of personal property form. 

 In January the assessor will send out the statement of personal property form for each business to report their amount of PP.  This must be completed and returned to the assessor’s office by March 1st of each year.  If this is not reported and we are not notified of any changes, the assessor will figure the taxes accordingly based on the prior year’s taxes and you will continue to receive PP tax bills.


 Village Assessor – Associated Appraisal Consultants, Inc.

Assessment Questions 1-920-731-4158

Fax (920) 731-4158              E-mail:


Delinquent Prior Year Real Estate Tax Bills must be paid to Milwaukee County Treasurer’s Office.

Office Telephone: 414-278-4033         Office Fax: 414-223-1383

 Real estate tax amounts paid after July 31st or prior years delinquent taxes are payable to the Milwaukee County Treasurer. You may contact them at (414) 278-4033 or on their website:

Milwaukee County Web Portal (

Information About Your Taxes

Lottery Credit

To qualify for the lottery credit, you must own the home described on the tax bill as of January 1, 2017, and use it as your primary residence. Do not claim the lottery credit if the property is not your primary residence (you can only have one primary residence). For homeowners who previously qualified, your real estate property tax bill was prepared to incorporate the lottery credit. The total amount due on the real estate property tax bill will already have been reduced by the lottery amount. The interest-free installment payment plan amounts will reflect the lottery credit reduction. If the lottery credit is not shown but you qualify, you must file a new form in the Clerk/Treasurer’s office. The claim form will be available for pickup at the Village of West Milwaukee Clerk/Treasurer’s office. We request that you file the completed claim form with your payment for the most efficient processing of your payment. The claim forms must be filed on or before January 31st.

You can find more information in the Department of Revenue’s frequently asked questions on the Wisconsin Lottery and Gaming Credit Program.

First Dollar Credit

To qualify for the First Dollar Credit, the parcel must be a taxable parcel and contain a real property improvement value. This includes business, commercial, and private property.  Unlike the Lottery and Gaming Credit, the property does not have to be the primary residence of the owner. Properties containing only personal property improvements (no real property improvement) will not qualify for this credit. This is applied (divided) equally over each installment. It will automatically be applied to qualifying parcels.

Personal Property Taxes

The Village must be notified if a business moves out or ownership changes so that the correct name and address of the property receives the Personal Property bills and the statement of personal property form. In January the Assessor will send out the statement of personal property form for each business to report their amount of Personal Property. This must be completed and returned to the Assessor’s Office by March 1st of each year. If this is not reported and we are not notified of any changes, the Assessor will figure the taxes accordingly based on the prior year’s taxes and you will continue to receive Personal Property tax bills. If you did not notify the assessor that you have moved or are out of business, you will still be responsible for the bill.

Village Assessor – Nick Laird

Associated Appraisal Consultants, Inc.  

Assessment Questions: 920-731-4158

Fax: (920) 731-4158


Property Info:


Lottery and Gaming Credit:

Property owners should use this portal to apply for or remove a lottery and gaming credit.

In the portal, you are directed to the correct e-file lottery and gaming credit form (LC-115, LC-315, LC-320, LC-400). File and submit your application online without the added step of printing, mailing, or emailing.

Note: All late claim lottery and gaming credit applications (LC-315, LC-320) must be submitted via the online application portal by the October 1 deadline.