Snow Removal and Sidewalks

Please do not plow or dump snow into the street. Clear sidewalks completely!  We are getting complaints about ice on the walks and areas that are impassable for walkers and wheelchairs.  Thanks you for your cooperation. 

Sec. 74-9. – Sidewalks free of snow and ice.

The owner, occupant or person in charge of each and every residence or building in the village fronting upon or adjoining any street, and the owner or person in charge of any unoccupied residence, building or lot fronting or adjoining any street, shall remove and clear away, or cause to remove and clear away, all snow and ice from the sidewalk and curb ramps for the handicapped, in front of or adjoining such residence, building or unoccupied lot, as the case may be, within 24 hours after the snow or ice has ceased falling; provided that when ice has so formed on any sidewalk that it cannot be removed, then the persons here-in-before referred to shall cause said ice from remaining and presenting a hazard to the users of the sidewalk by use of sand, abrasive material or any product designed to prevent ice from forming or to remain in its form and not be injurious to the health and safety of the public.

No person shall plow or dump snow on any public street, alley or public property or upon the property of another, without the express permission of the owner of the property.

Any person who shall violate any of the provisions of this section shall be subject to penalties and forfeitures under the provisions of section 1-13 of the Village Code.

Snow Removal and Sidewalks