Miller Park Way Name Change In January 2019, the Milwaukee Brewers announced a naming rights deal with American Family Insurance. The future name and branding elements for the stadium have not been announced, but the name of Miller Park stadium will be changing with the 2021 baseball season. Following this change, the Village of West Milwaukee is considering a street name change for Miller Park Way. We will not be looking at a name with a direct tie to current or future naming rights of the stadium, but rather something that will offer a unique identity to this major commercial thoroughfare. 

Understanding that this change will affect businesses along Miller Park Way and residents of West Milwaukee, we have chosen to inform you as early as possible about the potential change. An eventual street name has not yet been decided, and we wish to include you in the process of deciding the name.

If you wish to participate in helping decide the future name of Miller Park Way, please email with your vote or suggestion.

Miller Park Way Name Change