Village of West Milwaukee’s Statement on Diversity

The Village of West Milwaukee is a diverse community located in the heart of Milwaukee County. The board of Trustees are elected at large and serve all residents. We have been, and continue to be, diligent to a process that offers the same opportunities to all, and to also ensure that no ordinance, policy, procedure or action taken by the board or staff shall be discriminatory in nature or create a hostile environment to anyone based on the individual’s race, ethnicity, religion, gender or sexual orientation.

We are united in the condemnation of the events and actions that led to the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, MN. We are committed to ensuring that such actions shall not occur here.

We recognize the ongoing efforts of all Village staff, including law enforcement, and their continued assistance in achieving these goals. We appreciate the efforts of those who serve all residents each and every day.

To our neighbors of color, our hearts are with you and our ears are open. We hear you and want so much to hear more from you. We need your voice to help us shape the decisions that need to be made now to change the systems in place that we understand simply do not treat all people equal. Your voice matters. Your experiences matter. Your lives matter. We look forward to constructive conversations and collaborative change.

We reject violence in all its forms but do understand that for many these are difficult times. We seek not to divide, but to unite and to that end we want all to know that we are here with open ears and open minds to listen, and when appropriate, to act. We encourage all residents to take an active part in the Village. Our meetings are open and input is always welcomed and encouraged.


Village of West Milwaukee’s Statement on Diversity