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Adopt Your Drain

Are you looking for a safe way to stay active, involved, and connected during the pandemic? Then you should join up with people from all over Southeastern Wisconsin and Adopt Your Drain!

Adopting a storm drain is an easy way to make a big impact on the health of your community and local environment. Drain adopters volunteer to make sure that their neighborhood storm drains are free of debris and litter, preventing unwanted pollution in our rivers and lakes. Sound like something that you want to be involved in? Head to the website to learn more about the program and to sign up to adopt a drain!


Residents of West Milwaukee live in the Lake Michigan watershed. This means that when rain falls in our Village it enters a system of ditches, drains, and pipes that directs it away from our homes and properties and into rivers and streams, finally ending up in the Lake. Unfortunately, this stormwater runoff can also carry fertilizer, road salt, and trash into the Lake.

West Milwaukee needs your help in making sure that our community has the tools it needs to keep our watershed clean! Let us know what you think are the most important issues facing our watershed by taking this survey. Together we can keep our communities clean and healthy!

West Milwaukee has much to offer, from a unique local business community, to great recreational spaces, to wonderful neighborhoods for raising a family. But when it rains, water washes over the land and picks up the things we leave behind during our daily lives, like salt, fertilizer, and litter. The water then carries those pollutants into the system of drains, ditches, and pipes that keep our businesses, community spaces, and neighborhoods from flooding and introduces them into rivers that flow into Lake Michigan.

Nobody knows West Milwaukee like its residents– that’s why we need to hear from you! We all rely on Lake Michigan, and it’s our job as members of the watershed to keep it clean. Take this survey to let us know what you think are the biggest and most important problems here in ABC that face our watershed!

Photo Contest

Submission 1:

From clearing litter out of storm drains or drainage ditches, to planting native plants that soak up rain water, to cleaning up after pets, we know there are many ways that our residents protect our watershed. Now it’s time to show the rest of the state!

Our partners at Respect Our Waters are running a photo competition throughout southeastern Wisconsin to showcase how people around the region are creatively protecting our watersheds. Let’s show our neighbors that nobody respects their water like West Milwaukee! Get outside, show your West Milwaukee pride, and submit your best photos of how you take care of our water and our community at this link. After submitting, be sure to check out all the posts from around the region and vote on your favorite submissions.


Submission 2:

West Milwaukee – it’s our time to shine! Our community partner Respect our Waters is hosting a photo contest to showcase how residents of southeastern Wisconsin protect our communities from stormwater pollution. Big or small, there are many ways that you can protect watersheds, doing tasks like clearing out storm drains or drainage ditches, planting native plants, picking up after your pets, and disposing of yard waste properly. So get outside, get creative, and submit a photo to show off how West Milwaukee Respects Our Water!


Respect Our Waters