Notice of Public Hearing


4755 West Beloit Road

West Milwaukee, WI  53214

                NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Village Board of the Village of West Milwaukee, Wisconsin on the recommendation of the Plan Commission, will hold a hearing and consider on the 15th day of March, 2021, at 7:00 p.m. in the Village Community Center, Village of West Milwaukee, 1345 South 47th Street, West Milwaukee, Wisconsin and via video conference, to create a zoning district in Chapter 98 Zoning Ordinance titled B-6 Mixed Residential and Business District to the West Milwaukee zoning code and rezone of the Gateway District including the following Parcel Numbers: 436-1006-001, 436-1005-002, 436-1131-000, 436-1130-000, 436-1132-000, 436-1134-001, 436-1135-000, 436-1136-000, 436-2006-000, 436-1002-000, 436-1139-000, 436-1158-000, 436-1140-000, 436-1157-000, 436-1141-000, 436-1156-000, 436-1142-000, 436-1155-000, 436-1143-000, 436-1154-000, 436-1144-000, 436-1153-000, 436-1145-000, 436-1152-000, 436-2007-000, 436-1148-001, 436-1151-000,436-1003-000 (UP/CP Rail Road).









This is also a public hearing to repeal and recreate Chapter 98 Zoning Ordinance; Article III Zoning Districts; Section 98-61.5 through 98-90 of the Municipal Code of the Village of West Milwaukee. This is to renumber sections in the code. The video conference information will be available on the West Milwaukee website and agenda prior to the meeting. All interested persons are invited to attend this meeting and will be given an opportunity to be heard.


Notice of Public Hearing