WAWM Recreation Department’s 3rd Annual Cuts for Kids Event

WEST ALLIS, Wis. – The West Allis  – West Milwaukee Recreation & Community Services Department hosts the 3rd Annual Cuts for Kids event on August 28 at the Recreation Center in efforts to give local children confidence as they begin the new school year.


With the new school year starting soon, parents and kids often need to make a tough decision about whether to purchase new school supplies or receive a new haircut. Prices for both are rising and a new haircut usually falls to the back burner with school necessities being more important. 

“At the Recreation Department, we want to give students the confidence to walk into their first day of school with the simple act of a free haircut,” Program Manager Bobby Foreman said. “This is our 3rd Annual event and each year we see our community working together to make this event bigger and better for the children who attend.”

The event runs from 9 am – 3 pm at 2450 S. 68th Street in West Allis where WAWM district elementary age students receive a complimentary haircut along with school supplies to help prepare them for the upcoming school year. Donations the WAWM RCS are still looking for includes folders, notebooks, pencils (24 count), markers (10 pack), crayons (24 pack), colored pencils (24 pack) and pencil cases. 

Anything on this list above will directly impact the students in the WAWM School District. The department is currently looking for more barbers and hairstylists to take part in the day. 

In the past, there have been nine barbers/salons along with food from Rupenas, backpacks and school supplies from Khalsa Aid and individual donors with stools from B&K Bar Supply. 

If you are interested in making a difference cutting hair during the event, please contact Bobby Foreman at foremanr@wawmsd.org or call 414-604-4968. If you are interested in making a donation or sponsoring the event, please contact Robyn Elliott at elliottr@wawmsd.org or call 414-604-4912. For media inquiries or to attend the event day of, please contact Robyn Elliott. We appreciate your generosity and effort.

WAWM Recreation Department’s 3rd Annual Cuts for Kids Event